Sunday, November 22, 2015

How to get games off the Internet

Wuddup, so this guide will teach you n00bs how to get the latest & greatest games off the internet. The way to do this is very expansive and there is several different ways it can be approached, so keep an open mind when hoarding games.

 When searching for games definitely make sure you have Adblock Plus on your  browser. It significantly stops adware and  annoying things, it also lets you just see the website lol


Step One:

          Finding the GAMES(anything really lol)

1.) Google...
-Yes, in fact this is probably the easiest way to get any game because most likely if someone out there liked a game enough to share it. Who knows maybe they made a blog or something about it. The thing with google is you have to be very specific. Just searching the name of the game will not cut it using. Now there is tools to help using the example, ("What you want Here pc Download source here"). Putting things in quotes tells your search to look for posts that contain those words only.

2.) PC Games List
-If google is lame or something just check out this website.

This website just has a huge library of pretty easy to download and install games onto your computer.

Additionally there is this one too,

Step Two:
            Downloading the Game...

This is where it gets a little tricky for some people. Once you find a game the post/blog/etc following your download source you searched for or just the post on those websites I posted. Look for download links and search for "Direct Downloads" these are direct links to download the game.

Websites that host these downloads vary greatly but my personal favorite is Mega

Simply find the direct download link then download the file to your computer insure the file is a compressed file with an .rar extension or .zip . Additionally, make sure your reading the fine print and not installing an extension or adware lol just download it to your computer like your downloads folder...

Sunday, June 7, 2015

How to block ads on skype...

Ads on skype can sometimes slow down your computer and reduce performance

Follow this order:
-Start menu
1. Open-up the control panel.
2. Open-up "Network & Internet" then "Internet Options".
3. Go to the "Security" tab.
4. Click on the "Restricted Sites" icon, then the "Sites" button below it.
5. Type "" (without the quotes) into the text box and click "Add"
6. Close and apply the changes.
7. Restart Skype.
8. ???
9. $Profit$

Using the same strategy you could potentially block ads from coming into your computer during anything.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hamilton's PC Guide 101

Basically this guide will teach you what programs to download that can improve your computers performance as well as the ease of working with a PC computer. Some of these applications can work on Macs but not all of them. If you have a mac, just go buy a PC.

Best place to download and install multiple useful applications for Windows:

- Probably the easiest most simplistic browser that is actually the most common browser in the world.

Skype- Free and easy way to communicate with anyone in the world through the internet, also you can send files through it safer than P2P torrenting.

iTunes- Music database/player

VLC- The best video display software in the world easiest program to work with also uses the most diverse set of codecs for playing every type of media you can think of.

Runetimes (Java NET Silverlight Air Shockwave)- These are the things that run applications on the internet and through some programs, always have them updated otherwise your computer may run things oddly or slowly.

Reader- Fuck paying $200 for some program that can read PDF's when this is free.

Security Essentials- The Best free anti-virus software.

Malwarebytes- The most up-to-date virus removal software in the world, completely free unless you want the pro edition which basically makes it run all the time so if a virus pops up it takes care of it no problem. I would just get the free one an run it every other week or so works same way, unless you download way too much porn then run it regularly.

Teamviewer- Remote access any computer with the teamviewer app, you can download this for your iPhone/Android as well. So you can control your computer while you are are on the go, or if you have a webcam you access your computer turn on your webcam and then see your room, that the computer is in, without being there, which if you are smart enough to hook cameras up to your computer you can make your own security system, fuck paying fortunes to those security company's when this is all they do lol. Honestly, this is the same kind of software people need to be more aware of, there is so many applicable uses for it.

Auslogics- Best program to defrag and optimize your computer, which if you don't know what that means, it is basically like organizing your room so you can find things easier and faster.

Revo- An uninstaller program designed to completely remove programs from your computer. When you install something on your computer it leaves a pathway called a registry which, most of the time isnt removed when you delete something or uninstall a program. This over time builds up and slows down your computer.

Winrar- This is basically for people who want to take a highly compressed document (movie, music folder, database, etc) and basically uncompress it so you can get the goodies out, or visa-verse.

Another thing I would suggest is TrueCrypt, it basically encrypts your hard drive so you can't have your hard drive copied randomly while on the interwebz by the NSA or those douchebags.
Once you have selected what programs you want to download click "Get Installer" and it will install them all at once for you, simple.

Do you HATE advertisements on youtube and randomly browsing peoples boring lifes on facebook/twitter/tumblr etc?

Go to this website:

It basically installs an app for your web browser that blocks incoming third party applications from websites, basically the stuff that's not really part of the website, which now days is a lot of things (install it an you will see). Also its 100% free.

Do you think you have a bunch of junk on your computer or its just slowing down when you know its supposed to be faster?

Go to this website:

This is CCleaner, its the best free software to remove junk files (cache cookies etc) from your computer. Not only can it remove junk but it also has another built in feature for checking your registries, which I mentioned earlier. Usually this is a huge problem because no one actually knows how a computer works so over time people get like 1000-2000 errors which actually does conflict the basic processes that run your computer and it usually slows it down substantially. basically just run the scan then click remove all, all it does is deletes those pointless registries, speeding up your computers efficiency.

Another program is called Uncleaner:

This is a more simplified junk removal software, which actually finds more junk on your computer than CCleaner. Only thing is it doesn't have the registry checker on it. It's as simple as just clicking the "Clean" button and it will remove them then tell you how your system is.

If you honestly use all these programs together your computer technically can never slow down, get a virus, or just die on you, unless you do something really smart like delete your system32 folder which you shouldn't go do because that's basically the basic functions of your computer and if you delete that its like taking a brain out of a person they wont be able to think or anything (ie you kill you own computer).

Are you tired of being left out on the latest TV show and just tired of not having friends to talk about TV shows with?

All of these suggestions are better/safer/more private than torrenting by lots. The thing with torrenting is you are specifically connecting to someone elses computer which leaves you retardedly exposed. Where, if someone who actually knows what they are doing on a computer would technically then be able, through the connection of both ur computers, connect to your hard drive and see everything on it including saved passwords, credit card information, email address information etc. The best way to avoid this exposure is to download from Direct Download websites, which are basically file storage servers like the Cloud. With Direct Download websites you are connecting with billions of other people to the same website. So if one person gets in trouble for something illegal, so is billions of other people, and you know how us Americans are, if you aint with the majority GTFO.

Check out this website for TV shows:

This website is basically someone with a super nice computer that is hooked up to a rokubox that is connected to a TV which will then record the TV shows as they come out and then posts them onto the blog. They are all Direct Download links so you will never get caught by the cable company telling you "stapph plss." If you don't know what Direct Download is, it basically means you are downloading the exact file u want. Sometimes it is compressed in the file formats of .zip/.rar, but with Winrar which I mention above, you can extract these files and with VLC you can PLAY THEM! Since not everyone can afford thousands of doll hairs in hard drive disks the links do expire over time so the older shows will eventually be deleted.

Check out this website for Movies:

This website is basically the same as the one above but for Movies and some "good tv shows" that the blogger decides is good. The guy who hosts this blog must be Indian cause he likes to post several Bollywood movies, if you can thread through that then you can find some really nice finds.

List of most reliable Direct Download Websites:

These websites usually have the longest download link lifetime also the fastest download speeds. You don't need to use their accelerators or pay for anything just read a little carefully and select the free options.