Sunday, November 22, 2015

How to get games off the Internet

Wuddup, so this guide will teach you n00bs how to get the latest & greatest games off the internet. The way to do this is very expansive and there is several different ways it can be approached, so keep an open mind when hoarding games.

 When searching for games definitely make sure you have Adblock Plus on your  browser. It significantly stops adware and  annoying things, it also lets you just see the website lol


Step One:

          Finding the GAMES(anything really lol)

1.) Google...
-Yes, in fact this is probably the easiest way to get any game because most likely if someone out there liked a game enough to share it. Who knows maybe they made a blog or something about it. The thing with google is you have to be very specific. Just searching the name of the game will not cut it using. Now there is tools to help using the example, ("What you want Here pc Download source here"). Putting things in quotes tells your search to look for posts that contain those words only.

2.) PC Games List
-If google is lame or something just check out this website.

This website just has a huge library of pretty easy to download and install games onto your computer.

Additionally there is this one too,

Step Two:
            Downloading the Game...

This is where it gets a little tricky for some people. Once you find a game the post/blog/etc following your download source you searched for or just the post on those websites I posted. Look for download links and search for "Direct Downloads" these are direct links to download the game.

Websites that host these downloads vary greatly but my personal favorite is Mega

Simply find the direct download link then download the file to your computer insure the file is a compressed file with an .rar extension or .zip . Additionally, make sure your reading the fine print and not installing an extension or adware lol just download it to your computer like your downloads folder...

Sunday, June 7, 2015

How to block ads on skype...

Ads on skype can sometimes slow down your computer and reduce performance

Follow this order:
-Start menu
1. Open-up the control panel.
2. Open-up "Network & Internet" then "Internet Options".
3. Go to the "Security" tab.
4. Click on the "Restricted Sites" icon, then the "Sites" button below it.
5. Type "" (without the quotes) into the text box and click "Add"
6. Close and apply the changes.
7. Restart Skype.
8. ???
9. $Profit$

Using the same strategy you could potentially block ads from coming into your computer during anything.